Emerging Art 2012

The exhibition, on view until the end of June, is the first selection in the Call for Emerging Art

Organized by: FCP

Room 1 of la Fundación Casa Pintada de Mula (FCP) contains snapshots taken from the point of view and the creative process of the young artist Plata Ruiz, a Valladolid painter whose work is on display from today until the end of June, the exhibition ‘Atisbos de Realidad’, eleven oil paintings on canvas.

This exhibition is the first of those selected in the Emerging Art Competition of la FCP that was recently announced, and whose jury was composed of Cris Gabarrón Cabero, President of The Gabarron Foundation; Julio César García Rodríguez, Curator of The Gabarron Foundation; Juan García Sandoval, Director of the Museum of BB. AA. of Murcia; Javier Fuentes Feo, Director of  CENDEAC; Donald Kuspit, Professor Emeritus of Art and Philosophy at Stony Brook University; Natalia Grau García, Director of the Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena; Salvador Andrés Ordax, Professor of Art History at the University of Valladolid; José Mayor Iborra, Deputy Dean of Infrastructure and Graduate School of BB. AA. of the University of Murcia and Sergio Porlán Soler, director of the Párraga Center of Murcia.

The proposal that Plata Ruiz addresses is the hyperrealism from still lives and snapshots of social issues, using issues such as the social inequalities of children, spaces, objects, places and moments of the day passing before us which on a daily basis are not given importance or appreciated for their beauty or harshness.

The Gabarron Foundation, for the purpose of celebrating its twentieth anniversary, launched this public call to support all visual artists who wish to produce an original exhibition proposal in any of the temporary rooms within the new trends and modes of contemporary visual expression.

To download the press dossier, click on this link:

http://www.gabarron.org/files/FCP/dossier prensa plata ruiz.pdf

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